Website Design and eCommerce Transformation

Make your website work harder for your business without compromising on style and functionality

When first impressions count, what does your website say about your business?

Your website is now your first visual impression in a digital age. It can be the difference between receiving an enquiry and receiving a bounce. But the days of launching a site and revisiting it once every few years have long passed!

Whether you are building a new website from scratch, updating an existing site or looking to transform your site to a lead generation or E-commerce platform, Serpass Digital is here to give you honest, open and practical advice for your next website project.

Why choose Serpass Digital?

Our approach to delivering your new “fit for purpose” website

Start with WHY and build your new website from this principle:



Fully understanding what role your website plays in your business’ marketing and sales process is key to determining the core objectives for your website. A well prepared briefing document can accelerate the build process – but don’t worry we can help prepare this!



In-depth keyword analysis and competitor auditing ensures the right approach for your business. We will ensure each page of your website is reaching its true potential.



Key to a successful launch is to thoroughly test every aspect of your new site.

Ensuring SEO authority from your original site is migrated across to your new site is key to ensuring a smooth transition and no loss of rankings for any work previously achieved.

Complimentary Services

A “build it and they will come” approach is one best saved for The Field of Dreams.  Once you have the perfect platform you need to drive traffic and visitors to help fulfil your business goals, why not consider some of the following services:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Improve your search visibility through a cost-effective SEO strategy

Paid Search

Drive additional traffic, generate new leads and boost sales all through a tailored paid search strategy

Data and Lead Generation

Grow your business more profitably through our unique data profiling and customer segmentation approach