Email Marketing

Email marketing remains the most cost-effective and best performing tool in a marketer's toolkit. Don't let yours go to waste and learn how to harness the power of marketing automation

From the simple to the most complex, email marketing and marketing automation should be a key tool for any business looking to grow.

However many businesses fear over communicating with customers and instead opt for infrequent, or worse – no – communication to customers.

It doesn’t have to be this way! With a smart approach to customer segmentation and the right email strategy in place, we can help ensure your customers get timely updates and relative information taking them from disengaged to advocate in no time at all.

Why Email Marketing?

Advance your email marketing with Serpass Digital

No matter what your goals, done correctly email marketing can be a great asset to any business.  Our email marketing offering can help push your communications to the next level:


Template Design & Build

Consistency of communication is often key to effective communication.  Well designed email templates takes the trepidation out of email communication for many businesses and gives control back to you.


Content That Grabs Attention

Effective use of email is about balancing content, imagery and call to actions. Your email should be the vehicle to drive an action.  It doesn’t need to tell the whole story.


Marketing Automation

Whether you need help choosing the right platform, want to get more from your existing platform or you are simply curious about what marketing automation is, get in touch today!

Complimentary Services

Email Marketing is a great tool for any marketer but in isolation could be a lost opportunity. As part of your overall digital strategy consider why not consider some of the following services:

Data and Lead Generation

Grow your business more profitably through our unique data profiling and customer segmentation approach

Paid Search

Drive additional traffic, generate new leads and boost sales all through a tailored paid search strategy

Website and eCommerce Design and Build

Make your website work harder for your business without compromising on style and functionality