5 Key Benefits of Email Marketing to Businesses

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According to Adobe, millennials spend 6.4 hours daily reading their emails.

Email isn’t only for millennials. Most individuals check their email daily, and they do it while working out, eating, and even going to the bathroom!

Email marketing is a secure and safe way to communicate with your clients as well as a low-cost way to contact customers through their inbox, where they spend most of their time.

In this latest blog, we learn about the numerous advantages of email marketing services in the Midlands for interacting with your audience, attracting new clients, and expanding your business.

Customised and Targeted Content 

Email marketing is a great way to separate your customers into numerous lists based on their interests and send them highly focused content. Email is the ideal method for increasing engagement, from the correct subject line to photos that resonate with your customers and relevant material that benefits your audience.

You can adjust your messaging for different audiences to guarantee that your emails are always engaging. However, you should always avoid the urge to make a hard pitch too early in the process. Instead, create a long-term relationship with your customer by building a strong foundation of trust between your brand and the recipient.

Established Trustworthiness

Emails with a strange subject line or from an unfamiliar sender can often feel like spam. Customers frequently delete these emails since they simply don’t feel right.

An emoji is enough to make some customers smile and click. The same topic line may inspire others to hunt for the unsubscribe link! The trick is to personalise your material to meet the needs of your audience. Knowing your readers’ wants and needs guarantees that your email lands in the inbox instead of the spam bin.

You can elevate this by developing a permission-based email list with a checkbox for users to opt-in to your mailing lists, customers will know which emails they’re signing up for and how often they’ll receive emails from you.

Increased Brand Awareness

Today’s most well-known companies have become synonymous with their respective industries. Brands such as Spotify, Nike and Amazon provide great illustration of relevant, targeted and expertly chosen topics to make their email campaigns relevant and engaging.

Because email marketing allows direct access to your customers’ or potential customers’ email inboxes, it’s a great way to drive brand awareness for your business. Once you start generating high-quality content for your clients, you’ll begin to build a stronger relationship that gives you a powerful advantage over your competitors.

Emails can also provide you with useful input and feedback. Are your consumers happy with the content you deliver? What topics are they interested in learning about? Email provides instant and valuable feedback can that help shape sales strategies and service offerings.

You could even start a social media debate or conduct a survey. Not only will this help steer the conversation but provides a two-way communication which is vital in any relationship.

Improved Sales

According to Marketing Week, email generates nearly $37 billion in retail sales yearly.

Email marketing is a great approach to entice people to make impulse purchases. A consumer can be persuaded to buy something else in many ways by:

  • Including frequently purchased items beside the items the customer purchased.
  • Making a list of items similar to what the buyer has previously purchased.
  • Creating a customised promotion or discount for future purchases.

Customers will usually act impulsively when they receive an email telling them of a relevant product related to a previous purchase and this is also true if there is a suitable promotion on offer.

Stronger Customer Ties

With regular and relevant communication your customers will begin to appreciate targeted and well-written email content. As they engage in your brand they will become curious about what’s going on at your organisation and how they might assist and become part of the journey.

It’s often impossible to contact all of your clients in person or over the phone on a regular basis. You can plug this gap via email marketing email marketing campaigns with a drip fed marketing campaign to ease the process.

Drip campaigns are regular bit-sized campaigns that guide users through the buyer’s journey to a final conversion point. They’re frequently employed to deliver consistent value to subscribers while keeping your brand at the forefront of their minds. These emails “drip” useful information, products, or advice over days, weeks, or months.

Your business can use email marketing to build your brand, outperform your marketing goals, and establish yourself as an authority and thought leader with the help of a digital marketing firm in the Midlands specialising in email marketing. You can quickly and easily develop excellent email marketing campaigns regardless of your business size or experience. As a result, you’ll be able to spend less time worrying about marketing details and more time focusing on building your company!

Serpass Digital is a West Midlands-based independent digital marketing agency that delivers results-driven marketing to small and medium-sized businesses. Contact us if you need email marketing services in the Midlands

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